Buying A Used Safe? Consider These Beneficial Features

7 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

It's a worthwhile investment to buy a safe for your home. Many people associate having a safe with having a secure place for cash and jewelry, but the reality is that this object is also an ideal place to hold important legal and financial documents, as well as family mementos that are irreplaceable. If you're on a budget and have opted to buy a used safe, you might initially feel a little overwhelmed with all of the models, styles and price points facing you in the store. Generally, it's a good idea to consider the available features that many used safes offer and then choose a model that gives you the features that you desire. Here are some such features.

Fastening Kit

Unless you're buying an extremely large, heavy safe, you need to face the reality that the safe could be taken during a break-in — even if the thieves weren't able to successfully open it. If this is a concern, look for a safe that comes with a fastening kit and is designed so that it can be secured to a part of your home — typically bolted to wall or floor joints with heavy-duty bolts. While a thief could technically take the time to undo the hardware and remove the safe, the average snatch-and-grab criminal likely won't have time to expend this effort, making a fastening kit a valuable feature for your safe to have.

Double Locks

Some people prefer safes that have a mechanical combination lock, while others opt for modern safes with a digital keypad lock. Each type has its benefits, but you should also consider a safe that has double locks. Often called "redundant locks," these safes are often equipped with a mechanical lock and a digital keypad. This extra feature further increases the security of the safe and makes it less penetrable to someone who has broken into your home.

Interior Shelves

It may seem like a small thing, but a medium or large safe that is equipped with multiple interior shelves can be a useful feature. The presence of shelves allows you to set your shelves at various heights to suit the items you'll be placing inside the safe. This is preferable to a safe without shelves, as you'd need to pile all your items together. With shelves, you'll be able to keep all your items in an organized, systematic manner, which is ideal if you ever need to retrieve something from the safe quickly.

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