Three Reasons To Make Model Home Furniture Slimmer Than Normal

4 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are in the business of putting together model home furniture for those who are selling homes and for home builders to purchase for models, you have a range of styles to offer. You can have packages of furniture that are traditional, modern, or created for beach vacation homes. Most of your furniture should be neutral, but you can put together some packages with flair and accent colors. One of the standard things that you should do when it comes to model home furniture is to make sure that the furniture is slimmer in size than ordinary furniture. Here are three reasons to package together slim furniture. 

Walking space is increased

When people are walking through a home taking a tour, the last thing that you want is furniture in the way. Large furniture, no matter how functional for the room, can get in the way of a walking path. The purpose of the model home furniture is to make the home look livable, but people will not be sitting on the furniture for any length of time, or at all most times. Slim furniture can be placed closer together so that the room will not look sparse, while leaving enough space for people to move around. Slim furniture can keep walking space for tours at a maximum in model homes. 

Square footage shows easily 

When a room is overloaded with furniture and trinkets, imagining the true bones of the home can be difficult. The last thing that any developer needs is a home with too much furniture that appears to be too small or too difficult to host a family inside. Thin couches and small bar stools area easy to take note of, yet subtle enough that buyers can look past them and still see the structure and room available inside of the home. Walking into a fully furnished room and still feeling as if there is plenty of space makes the home seem larger. 

Encourage starter packages

If you offer your model home furniture packages for sale to the public, some real estate clients who went through a model home that featured your furniture may be interested. Many people who are buying a new home may be willing to purchase the furniture as a starter pack to their own home, This way they can have some necessary, small furniture pieces, but add larger pieces or increase the size of certain pieces of furniture as necessary.