Why Does Your Business Need ERP Analytics Software?

13 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

As you make strides toward building a global business that is an industry leader, you're going to have to find ways that streamline day to day business tasks and enable your workers to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. You might not be aware of the many software solutions that can help you accomplish those goals. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) analytic software can help in the following ways.

Predicting Needs

A challenge for booming businesses is that it's not always easy to predict future needs, which can affect your bottom line. Not knowing whether to order an extra shipment of products or boxes during the busy holiday season can affect profits, for instance. A solid ERP software platform can utilize proprietary algorithms to compute trends and forecasts that provide guidance that you'll need for upcoming times of the year. The software can also analyze past months to determine other information, such as which suppliers ship more quickly than others.

Better Coordination and Integration

Your business might be much larger than it was when you started out; that could mean there are a lot of communication problems because of more departments and locations to deal with. One of your stores might not have the same database as another store, or the shipping department could have different information than the customer call center. That can make things difficult for customers who call one department without realizing that they should have called another, and it can make things confusing for employees who need information that they don't have access to without calling elsewhere.

ERP software solves a lot of these problems. By having one software platform throughout your business, different workers will be able to retrieve relevant information without waiting for a callback and customers can get correct information from any department.

Working with the Cloud

Whether You Microsoft Dynamics GP online or any other ERP software, another benefit of these programs is that you can work with and back up files to the so-called "cloud". The "cloud" is the term used for your software platform's server network; it can be accessed online.

This provides you with many benefits. If your building's computers have a problem, you don't need to worry that all your information is lost; your files will still be untouched on "the cloud" so you can restore everything at a later time. You won't have your own computers tied up with a high number of files; you can store some on the platform's cloud, freeing up your computers to only save files that you designate. The cloud will also enable you and employees to access various files no matter where you are. If you're working at home on a particular day, you can still get some work done, and if an employee is out in the field, they can access those same files.

ERP software allows you to take a leap forward in your business with the above benefits. Look at demos and contact local software consultants to find out which particular software is most appropriate and useful for your own company.