3 Simple Packing Rules To Follow To Prevent Damage To Fragiles During A Move

14 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

From the all of the work to all of the heavy lifting, moving could easily be considered one of the harder projects you will ever have to face. It is not at all uncommon to pack up fragile belongings and find them broken once you unpack at the new place. While you are bound to see a few things chipped and maybe even lost during the moving process, there are also some ways you can make sure this is a rare occurrence with your packed fragile belongings. Check out these pro packing rules to keep your items rightly protected. 

Use quality packing boxes with rigid structure. 

There is a lot to be said about the types of boxes you use to move fragile items. Picking up flimsy old boxes that you pull out of a dumpster or from behind a store may not always be the best option. It is a better idea to find boxes and cartons that are specifically designed for moving, which is easy to do if you are working with a professional moving company because some include moving boxes in the total service. Moving boxes usually have rigid structures, the ability to house a large amount of weight, and have high edge crush ratings so they stack safely without being compromised. 

Don't forget to protect the bottom of the box before placing fragile items inside. 

If you are like a lot of individuals packing up belongings, you will lay your item inside and then cover it with filler material. While this offers protection along the top and sides, what happens if the box gets a tough blow from the bottom? It is always a good idea to add a little filler material or protective layering, whether it is packing peanuts or crumpled paper to the bottom of the box, you will be placing fragile items inside for this very reason. 

Always mark the boxes that contain fragile items. 

The biggest mistake you can make once you have securely packaged fragile items in a box is to treat that box just like every other box. If movers and people pitching in or even you do not realize that the box you are carrying has fragile items inside, they may not be careful enough. Make sure you always clearly mark boxes that contain fragile items with brightly colored labels or even just the word "Fragile" written across the top and sides with a permanent marker. 

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