Creating An Awards Program For Employees

15 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Going to work to perform the same tasks on a daily basis can become boring. The daily routine can actually have a negative impact on your business, as employees might start slacking a little. If you want to keep your employees productive without having to incorporate stricter rules, you might want to start an awards program within the company. There are a few things that can be done to make the program a success. Take a look at this article for suggestions in regards to what you can do to make the awards program appealing to your employees.

1. Present Crystal Awards

One of the ways to recognize the achievements of your employees is to give out crystal awards. You can give out one goal per month based on the productivity of each employee. The great thing about crystal awards is that they can be placed in any room or office without taking away from the appeal. For instance, since the awards are clear, they can complement any type of decor style. Crystal awards are also available in numerous design types, such as flames, stars, and even vases that flowers can be placed inside of.

2. Give Out Gift Bags

To make your program even more desirable, you should consider giving out gift bags with the crystal awards. The awards will be great for long-term memories, while the bags should contain items that can be used or eaten. For instance, you can place gift cards in the bags that the award winners can use at various stores or restaurants. Include candy and other treats in the gift bags as well to make them more desirable. You might even want to get candy personalized for your awards program to make it unique.

3. Have a Small Ceremony

When you choose an employee to win the award each month, try to make the occasion special without taking up too much time out of the work day. For instance, plan to have a small ceremony that lasts for no longer than thirty minutes. Simply stand behind a podium in a room with all of your employees and announce the winner of the crystal award. You should also have a few refreshments for everyone to enjoy after the award is presented, such as snacks, drinks, and simple food items. Having the awards ceremony during lunch is a great time during the day, as everyone will already be on break.