Make Your Life And Your Loading Day Easier With Moving Accessories

15 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you've rented a box truck to complete a move or to haul items for your business across town, you've chosen an easy way to get the job done overall. However, actually loading and unloading the truck could be a bear, unless you make the job easier on yourself by using specific tools to help you. Many of these are available as rentals from the same companies that rent out the box trucks, or you can purchase some for a very low cost from home improvement centers if you think you'll be using them often.

Use a Dolly and Elbow Straps

No matter how many people you have helping you load boxes into the truck, use a dolly or hand truck to transport the boxes instead of carrying them one by one. The move will go faster, and you and your helpers will be less exhausted. The continual back and forth needed to get everything onto the truck (and off of the truck, too) can be absolutely exhausting. There's no need to make it that annoying. A dolly can carry small to medium boxes, as well as longer, narrower boxes stood on their ends. A hand truck can hold larger boxes that might be too big for the base of the dolly. Just be sure that if you use a hand truck and load more than one box on it, you have someone spotting you as you move the hand truck, ready to stop boxes from falling off as you wheel the truck up the loading ramp.

Cordon off the Area With Cones

When you park the truck and extend the loading ramp, you'll need extra room around the ramp to maneuver the dolly and hand truck, as well as to give yourself breathing room so you don't bump your leg into nearby objects. However, if you're parking the truck in a parking lot or along a street, rather than in a loading dock-type area, it's always possible for someone to park their car too close to the bottom of the ramp. Get cones, similar to traffic cones you see at construction sites, and place them around the bottom of the ramp after you've extended it. Also, leave a few feet -- remember that you're not going to want to step over the cones in order to reach the ramp.

Use Nets and Ratchet Straps

As you load the boxes onto the truck, and as you fill up each row, secure the boxes with nets and ratchet straps. If all of the boxes are secured together, then you shouldn't have individual boxes tumbling to the ground if the truck has to make a hard stop. See if there are loops along the walls of the truck that allow you to connect ratchet straps to them; if not you can still bundle up the bulk of the boxes.

The box truck rental company can show you what supplies and tools they have available for people renting their trucks. If you choose to use your own supplies, let the rental company know so that there's no confusion over who owns which supplies.