Preventing Pest Problems in Your Self-Storage Unit

22 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Problems with pests can spread quickly in a self-storage facility, particularly if one tenant brings in boxes that are infested with insects or small rodents. To protect your unit and your personal items, there are a few steps you can take. Use this guide to help prevent infestations and to keep your items protected in your self-storage unit. 

Clean the Unit

Before you move any of your items into the unit, you'll want to clean the unit and make sure that it doesn't already have a family of pests living inside. Sweep the floor and the corners of the unit, as well as the ceiling. You can spray bug spray on the walls as a deterrent,  which can help to keep insects away while you are loading the storage space.

Store Off the Floor

One way to make it harder for pests to damage your personal items is to store them off of the floor. This can be as simple as using pallets to elevate your items. You can also use freestanding shelving units in the unit to keep items off of the floor.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

Some pests can chew through cardboard boxes, and the closures on these boxes often leave just enough room for insects to crawl inside. To provide added protection for your items, consider switching them from boxes into heavy-duty plastic storage containers. They can be more difficult to chew through, and they can also provide a more reliable seal to keep out small pests.

Wrap Your Furniture

Your cozy couch or armchair can seem just as cozy to a family of mice, rats, squirrels, or other small animals looking for a warm home.  Consider wrapping your sofa in heavy-duty plastic wrap, and then secure a tarp over it as well. This will keep your furniture safe from animal droppings and damage, and it may even prevent some smaller creatures from using your furniture as a nesting area.

Don't Store Food

Storing food in your self-storage unit may be prohibited in your lease, as many self-storage facilities realize that food can invite pests. If you do store food in your unit, be sure it's allowed by the facility and that the food is stored in airtight containers off of the floor. Remember to get rid of any food or drink you bring with you when you visit the unit, as this can provide a source of food for pests.

Remain diligent about fighting pest problems, and visit your unit often to look for signs of infestations. This can help to ensure your personal items stay safe and in great shape for years to come. For more tips, talk to facilities like U-Stor-It.