Warning Signs In Your Home's Systms You Don't Want To Ignore

11 December 2018
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As a homeowner, while you have the benefit of building equity and having pride in ownership of a piece of real estate, you also have responsibilities that you cannot pass off to a landlord or property manager. Your home and its systems need to be maintained and not allowed to fall into disrepair, otherwise, your home can lose value, especially if there were underlying damage related to the home system's neglect. Here are some problems you might encounter in your home's sewer and electrical systems and how you can remedy them.

Sewer Back-Ups

A clogged toilet or a slow flowing sink drain may happen occasionally in your home, which is to be expected with regular sewer lines. When you clear the toilet clog with a plunger and clear out the sink of debris, it should restore them to working order. But when this maintenance does not repair your sewer line's function or the problem repeatedly persists and does not go away, you may have a deeper underlying problem.

Sewer coming up in your basement drains, repeated line clogs, and a gurgling noise when you flush the toilet are signs you have a blockage deeper in the sewer line. And, you should call a company like Clearwater Plumbing immediately for an inspection. Because the problem seems to be deeper in your sewer line, your plumber will need to use their sewer auger to clear the line. They may also need to use their sewer camera on the auger to get a visual inspection of the line's interior.

Often your sewer pipe interior may be damaged from age or tree roots and have a related blockage that requires your plumber to replace the length of pipe. If there are tree roots involved in the blockage, the tree may need to be removed or its roots treated to prevent continual regrowth into the line.

Unreliable Power Outlet 

Another problem within your home's systems you do not want to ignore is an unreliable electrical outlet. When a power outlet is not delivering electricity at a regular and reliable rate, it can mean there is a problem in the wiring behind your walls. An outlet that goes from providing a power flow to nothing at all, sparking or flashing within the outlet and other irregular patterns should not be neglected.

Call your professional electrician immediately and discontinue using the outlet until they can determine the cause and repair it. If the wiring inside your home is at all faulty or improperly installed, it can cause a home fire. But, your electrician can have it repaired easily for you within a short time.