What Happens During Post-Production?

26 March 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Movies and television shows provide entertainment for people across the country. Creating these cinematic wonders is a complex and arduous process. Once the cameras stop rolling, the work is not completed.

A lot of the elements that make movies and television shows appealing to the public are added during post-production. The post-production phase is the final step before movies and television shows are viewed by the public. Professionals working in post-production perform a wide range of services.


One of the primary responsibilities of a post-production team is editing the raw footage shot while the movie or television show was in production. Editing is critical to cut the product down to an appropriate time and to ensure that there are no inconsistencies in the flow of the film.

Editors often work closely with producers to ensure the integrity and intended message of the video remains intact once the editing process is complete.

Special Effects

Action movies are so spectacular because they feature larger-than-life special effects. These special effects are added to the film during the post-production process.

A specialized team of individuals can insert fire, floods, and other natural disasters into a film so seamlessly that viewers will believe the actors were present at the time the special effects were created. A good special effects team can make or break a video, so it's important to work with qualified and experienced individuals during post-production.


Many of the videos that people enjoy today feature elements of animation. Since it is impossible for actors to shoot footage with animated characters, these characters are inserted into the film during the post-production process.

Animators must meticulously blend real-world video footage with animated elements to create a believable scene that viewers will enjoy.


It isn't just the alteration of the raw footage shot during production that post-production companies handle. They also handle the distribution elements of a film or television show as well.

The success of any video project requires that it be distributed to a wide audience. Post-production companies have a network of contacts that allows them to deliver a project to broadcast networks or movie theaters across this country. Without adequate distribution, a video project would fail to make enough money to become profitable.

Post-production plays a critical role in creating the finished movies and television shows that viewers enjoy each day. Companies that specialize in post-production can offer editing, special effects, animation, and distribution services that will increase the success of any video.