Are You Planning A Special Father's Day For Your Husband Who Loves To Do Woodwork?

29 May 2019
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Are you married to a man who loves to create beautiful things out of wood? Maybe your husband has just discovered that he has a special talent for woodworking. With that in mind, consider planning a special Father's Day gift that includes a heavy-duty tool cabinet, new woodworking equipment, and a woodworking event.

A Special Gift

Maybe your husband has already started his collection of woodworking tools. Be a bit of a detective as you browse through them to see which tools he's lacking. For example, you might want to focus on getting him a set of planes. The set might include a block plane, a trimming plane, an edge plane, and a chisel plane. That could turn out to be a costly gift, so you might want to find a source where you can purchase used woodworking tools. Besides the planes, think of buying scraper blades. You'll probably find that those are very affordable. 

Add to your husband's Father's Day gift by also purchasing a tool box that will hold his new tools. Or, if you think that a heavy-duty tool cabinet would be a more practical gift, think of selecting one instead of a tool box. If you end up finding a used one in like-new condition, count yourself lucky. Your husband will probably be very proud when he finds out that you were a smart shopper.

A Special Event

You'll more than likely be preparing your husband's favorite foods for his Father's Day meal, won't you? Do your children still live at home? If so, consider letting them help you to prepare and serve the meal.  For example, if you are having a fruit salad, let the kids do things like slicing the bananas. if you are serving a special dessert, help the children bring it to your husband on a pretty tray. 

At the end of the meal, offer a special toast with your husband's favorite beverage. As part of the toast, announce that you have purchased an additional gift for his special day. That gift might be a coupon that will allow him admittance to a woodworking class. Try to find out ahead of time what the members of the class will be making. For example, if they will be creating a patio bench, have a picture of the bench on hand; that way your husband can anticipate what he will be creating.

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