Increasing Production With Rotary Die Cutting

4 October 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Rotary die cutters are a great option for cutting flat materials into shapes that need to be the same every time they are cut out. For shipping, packing, or marketing, the uses for die-cutting machines are widespread. 

Packaging Materials

When you produce a product, packaging that product so that it arrives at the customer's location is good condition. Inserts created from foam or from cardboard can often handle the job and a rotary die cutting machine is a great way to produce the pieces you need and make them the same every single time. 

Installing a rotary cutting machine to produce the parts will involve some planning and cost upfront, but once the machine is in place and working, the cost savings may be worth the investment for your company. You will need to consider the cost, the manhours to operate the machine, and the maintenance if you are considering buying a die cutter, but if it saves you in the long run, the investment may be the best option for you. 

Marketing and Promotion

If you have ever thought about adding something specific like a die-cut logo in your packaging or producing store signage in house, a rotary cutter is a good way to do it. The die in the machine is created to cut the material and a set of rollers pull the material through the machine. 

Different machines can cut different materials, so talk with the manufacture of the rotary cutter you are considering and tell them about your idea. They may suggest a specific model for you based on the strength and design, and on the material, you are planning to use in the machine. If you are considering cutting non-paper based products with the die cutter, you have to make sure that the feed rollers, the motor, and the cutter can withstand the work. 

Multi-Use Flexibility

When you are considering buying a rotary die cutter. Check with the dealer about the ability to change dies and use the cutter to make other things with it. If you need to cut box inserts for a while then switch to boxes, the flexibility to use the same rotary die cutter could save you a lot of costs if switching over the die and rollers is possible. 

If you can use one machine for several jobs, the cost of the machines is easier to justify to anyone involved in the company. Later you can add a second dedicated machine if you need. For more information, contact packaging equipment rotary die cutter suppliers.