Why Your Personal Assistant Should Take Notes During Each Meeting You Attend

12 December 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Having a personal assistant on staff gives you a valuable asset as you navigate the workday. While your assistant might have a series of tasks to keep him or her busy while you deal with other matters, it's ideal if your assistant can follow you into each meeting on your daily schedule. Arrange your personal assistant close to where you're sitting, and have him or her quietly take notes throughout the meeting. Here are some reasons that you should use your personal assistant in this capacity.

Compiling A List Of To-Dos

It's easy to attend a meeting, discuss some tasks that need to get done, and then not think about one or more of these tasks again until they come up in a future meeting. Having your personal assistant take notes during each meeting allows you to track the things that need the attention of one or more staff members. Each time that a to-do item comes up during the meeting, your assistant can add it to a list. After the meeting, you can go over this list with the assistant — perhaps making some tweaks to the content — and then share it with those who attended the meeting and anyone else who may be relevant.

Helping You To Remember Everything

If you're a manager, which is probably the case if you have a personal assistant, it's always important for you to be in the know. With many different things on your plate, though, it can be easy to forget some things. When your personal assistant takes notes throughout a meeting, it will help you to remember what the participants talked about after the fact. For example, if you meet with the same group of people weekly, you'll be able to review the meeting notes from the previous meeting before you enter the next one. This way, you'll have each discussion topic fresh in your head.

Establishing A Record

Without meeting notes, it can be easy for people to have different interpretations of what the group discussed. For example, you might have asked someone to perform a certain task. This person may not have done so and could then deny recalling about you making this request. Keeping notes of the meeting and sharing the notes with the participants afterward will establish a firm record of what the group talked about, leaving no room for interpretation. This can dramatically improve the group's productivity.

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