What To Ask Any Moving Company Before Hiring Them

12 June 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Ready to hire professional movers to do all the heavy lifting for your next move? If so, it will help to ask these questions before you hire anyone for the job.

How Are Estimates Provided?

It is common to ask for an estimate so you know how much your move will cost. However, it is important to know how accurate that estimate will be. Don't just look at the total cost of the estimate, but look at how they are arriving at that total. There will be costs involved for the moving truck, packing materials, and an hourly cost for each mover. These are the things you want to compare between estimates. You won't know for sure how long your move takes until it is over, which is where the bulk of the cost comes from. If the company will bill actual hours, it means that the estimate may not be what your final costs actually are.

How Many Movers Will Be Used?

The cost of a move ultimately comes down to how many man-hours it takes to get the job done. The cost for two movers to do the job may be the same as four movers doing the job in half the time, but that doesn't mean that you want the job to take any longer than it has to. Always ask how many movers will be assisting with the move. If you have two quotes that are similar with how line items are charged, but one company will supply more people, know that more people always get the job done faster.

How Does Moving Insurance Work?

You may want the peace of mind that comes with having moving insurance. However, it is important to know what items qualify for coverage with moving insurance. Some moving companies will cover any belongings that they move, while others will only cover the things they pack. The latter could help cover those big items but neglect anything that breaks in a box that you packed yourself. Make sure you understand what you are getting before you purchase moving insurance. It is also important to ask how the process works to make a claim if something is damaged. A simple claims process may make one moving company more appealing than the other if you actually have to use the insurance.

With these questions in mind, you'll help narrow down your selection for a professional mover. Contact a moving service to learn more.