What Can A Forensic Crime Scene Consultant Analyze?

30 November 2020
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If you are taking a criminal case to court, you may need a forensic crime scene consultant to help you in the courtroom. When a judge or jury is involved and may not necessarily consist of experts who are familiar with a crime scene, you can use a consultant to help find new information and build new ways to share evidence.

So, what can a consultant do for you? These are a few ways these consultants can be helpful.

Gunshot Evidence

There is a lot of information a forensic crime scene consultant can tell you about gunshot scenes. For example, they can reconstruct trajectories and establish shot sequences. Often, a consultant can tell you who may have fired a specific shot or where the perpetrator may have been standing.

Bloodstain Evidence

Another important way a forensic crime scene professional can help you is by pinpointing the significance of bloodstains and other evidence. In addition to stains, a consultant may analyze blood spatter and the weapons that may have been used in the crime.

Police-Involved Incidents

A forensic crime scene consultant can provide a lot of information for those who are facing charges that involve police-involved incidents. These may be intentional shootings or accidents, including car accidents or self-defense situations.

Death Scene Analysis

Death scene analysis can provide additional information about incidents in which somebody passed away in mysterious circumstances. Each death scene is different, and a professional can study the scene to provide further information about what may have happened.

Cold Case Analysis

When a case goes cold, it is often studied under different circumstances. First of all, it can be more difficult to analyze a case that has not had any news leads, and a forensic consultant may need to step in to analyze the case for additional detail.


Sometimes it is helpful to reconstruct an entire scene. Reconstructions can be difficult to make, but they are also so important in setting the scene. A reconstruction can help establish theories and give a jury another way to think about a scene, offering an alternative solution they may not have considered yet.

Contact a Forensic Crime Scene Consultant

A crime scene consultant can provide more information about the case you are examining, but more importantly, the consultant can provide information to a courtroom. Contact a forensic crime scene consulting service to learn more. They can help you move forward with your case.