Climate-Control Storage Is A Good Option When You Want The Safest Environment For Your Belongings

22 April 2021
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If you need to rent a storage unit, you may wonder if you should get one with climate control. Climate control does cost more, but it won't harm any of your belongings, and it might keep them safer. Here's a look at when climate-control storage is a good option and what to expect with a climate-controlled unit.

When To Choose Climate Control

The length of time your belongings will be in storage matters since your things might survive a month in storage during the spring when the weather is mild. If your belongings will be in storage over a humid, hot summer or a long, freezing winter, then climate control becomes more important.

A climate-controlled storage unit is also necessary for a lot of your belongings that can be damaged in high humidity, freezing temperatures, or hot weather. This includes things like electronics, photographs, paintings, furniture with metal that rusts, and even clothing. Anything that's valuable should be stored in a climate-control unit for extra protection.

What To Expect With Temperatures

When climate control and temperatures are important, ask the storage facility about the temperature range in the units so you know if that's the right facility for you. For instance, if you're storing wine, you probably want a unit with tightly controlled temperatures in a specific range. Most climate-controlled units don't work that way. Instead, they protect against extreme temperatures.

The temperature inside the unit might dip to the 50s in the winter and up to the 80s in the summer since these temperatures are what it takes to protect household goods. However, each facility varies, so ask about the temperature range if you want to know.

What To Expect With Location

Climate-controlled storage units are often inside large buildings that house a number of units. That's because it is easier to control the climate in a single building rather than several outdoor units. However, you might find a facility with outdoor units that have climate control and that allow you to drive up to the door for easy unloading.

Indoor storage has advantages besides climate control too. They could be more secure, and if the building also has a parking garage, you can move things in and out during all kinds of weather and not worry about anything getting wet.

How To Pay For Your Unit

A climate-control storage unit often rents by the month just like other types of storage units. That way, you're not obligated to rent longer than you need to. If you're going to rent for the long term, you might arrange to have the monthly payment direct debited so you don't have to worry about forgetting to make a payment. Many storage facilities also offer the ability to pay online or by phone so it's convenient to make payments until you're ready to take your things out of storage.

Keep these things in mind as you look for climate-control storage