3 Reasons To Work With A Courier Delivery Service For Your Subscription Box Business

27 March 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog

In 2022 alone, the market for subscription boxes was valued at over $26 billion. There is no question that operating a subscription box business can be a profitable endeavor. Additionally, this business model works well for entrepreneurs because they do not have to make a substantial up-front investment. 

As profitable as a subscription box service can be, there are certain aspects and choices that could make or break your business. There is no greater example of a drastically influencing decision than what type of service you choose for shipping your subscription boxes. Working with a courier delivery service to have your boxes shipped to customers instead of your local post office is always a good idea. Check out a few reasons to choose a courier delivery service versus a post office for your subscription box business. 

Courier delivery services offer package pickup

The sheer volume of boxes you can have for shipment from month to month can be substantial if you have a lot of subscribers. Maneuvering all of these boxes to a post office to have them shipped can take a substantial amount of time and resources. Postal services usually do not offer bulk package pickup, but courier delivery services do. You can schedule to have your monthly load of subscription boxes picked up right from your place of business at a time that is most preferred for you. 

Courier delivery services can handle large packages better 

If you offer a larger subscription box option or if you will be sending out items that have a heavier weight, a courier delivery service can be the better solution. Couriers are better equipped to handle large, heavy, or bulky packages. And, they do not have such stringent requirements about the container that your items are shipped in. For example, if you have a subscription box that has an unusual shape to accommodate unusual items, this is not likely to be an issue with a courier. 

Courier delivery services can oftentimes offer quicker delivery 

One of the primary perks of working with a courier over a postal service is the fact that most can offer faster delivery. The postal service is in charge of not just delivering parcels, but also the daily mail. Therefore, there can be more time involved in sorting, handling, routing, and delivering your packages. By contrast, couriers usually focus specifically on parcels, and your subscription boxes fit that criterion.