Why Your Personal Assistant Should Take Notes During Each Meeting You Attend

12 December 2019
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Having a personal assistant on staff gives you a valuable asset as you navigate the workday. While your assistant might have a series of tasks to keep him or her busy while you deal with other matters, it's ideal if your assistant can follow you into each meeting on your daily schedule. Arrange your personal assistant close to where you're sitting, and have him or her quietly take notes throughout the meeting. Read More 

Tips For Purchasing Hemp Seeds

22 October 2019
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The hemp industry is exploding as more and more benefits of hemp and hemp-based products are being discovered. Starting a business in the hemp industry can be very rewarding and lucrative, but in order to succeed you will need a reliable source of high quality hemp. Many business owners opt to grow their own hemp for their products so they can control the quality. But, in order to do that, it is extremely important to purchase the right hemp seeds for your crops. Read More 

Increasing Production With Rotary Die Cutting

4 October 2019
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Rotary die cutters are a great option for cutting flat materials into shapes that need to be the same every time they are cut out. For shipping, packing, or marketing, the uses for die-cutting machines are widespread.  Packaging Materials When you produce a product, packaging that product so that it arrives at the customer's location is good condition. Inserts created from foam or from cardboard can often handle the job and a rotary die cutting machine is a great way to produce the pieces you need and make them the same every single time. Read More 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Current Railroad Supplies: Culverts And Flat Cars

22 August 2019
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When you ship things via the railroad system, you invest in a lot of railroad supplies that will usually last a long time but eventually need to be replaced. When you fail to replace these things, namely tank car culverts or railroad flat cars, among other supplies and equipment, you risk destroying important inventory, slowing down shipping times, delaying transportation, and having unexpected replacement costs. To avoid accidental damages to train cars, equipment, and your other railroad transportation needs, make sure you know when it's best to replace your equipment with new or gently used supplies. Read More 

3 Things A Communications Firm Can Do For Your Company

28 June 2019
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You might have heard about different communications firms that work with companies like yours, and you might have thought about finding out what these companies are about. Working with a communications firm might just be a good idea for your business, but, obviously, you probably want to know what these firms do, first. These are three things that a good communications firm can do for your company, if you choose to use their services. Read More